The Game

Escape To The Otherside

How To Play

Click on the game window below and press ENTER to begin your escape. Press any key on the keyboard to jump (hold longer to jump further).

Game Played 5026 Times
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Name Country Score
Beat The Putin!!! Australia 138
Putin Russian Federation 137
Ruchi United States 128
A United States 121
TOB Australia 120
Jazzbeau. ^ r u serious. Antarctica 119
Ruchi Anonymous 116
Grozt Poland 111
Jazzbeau. Antarctica 110
Putin to strong Germany 110
Sanic Anonymous 109
Y United States 108
Sarah W United States 107
Outlast Anonymous 106
Better than Johnny Engilish United States 106
Johnny English United Kingdom 105
Obama United States 105
Spencer dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd United States 104
YolotovCocktail United States 103
jellis Belgium 103